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Data De-identification Methods

De-identified Data Definition

Data that has all personally identifiable data removed through anonymization, pseudonymization, or other similar methods to prevent someone’s personal identity from being linked back to the data.

Note: The definition and methods are for personally identifiable information only.

Anonymized Data Method

Data that has had all personally identifiable information that can be linked to an identifiable natural person removed through irreversible anonymization and cannot be combined with other information to re-identify individuals.


Pseudonymous or Coded Data Method

Data that has had personally identifiable information replaced with a unique identifier or code so data points are not directly associated with a identifiable natural person but allow the data to be seen as coming from the same source. The identity of the individual is not known but multiple appearances of the individual’s data can be linked together.

HIPAA & FERPA Guidance

The University of Arizona has developed guidelines for HIPAA and FERPA privacy protections during the COVID-19 response as well as privacy guidelines for the workplace. Please view these documents to learn more about HIPAA and FERPA privacy rights in coronavirus communications. Visit our return to work website for more information about workplace guidance.

Privacy Guidance in the Workplace.pdf

HIPAA Privacy - COVID-19 Guidance.pdf

FERPA Guidance - COVID-19.pdf


Privacy Tips 

  • Share With Care 
    • What you post can last a lifetime
    • Own your online presence
    • Be aware of what's being shared
    • Post only about others as you would have them post about you
  • Personal Information Is Like Money. Value It. Protect It
    • Think before you act
    • Think before you app
    • Get two steps ahead
    • Lock your devices 
  • Good Technology Practice
    • Keep a clean machine
    • Make better passwords
    • When in doubt, throw it out
    • Plug and scan

Concise Privacy Tips.pdf

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