Third-Party Vendor Management Resources

Information Security & Privacy Addendum and Specialized Appendices 

(Updated 4/5/21)

It is preferable to use the addendum in its entirety. 

Individual portions of the ISPA are also available below:

Information Security & Privacy Addendum - Alternate versions

Note: Available to University employees only

Annotated Version (Updated 3/9/21) Click here

Editable Word Version (Updated 3/9/21) Click here

Third Party Vendor Management Training

Note: Available to University employees only

(Updated 4/6/21) Click here

Business Associate Agreement - UA as Business Associate 

(New as of 3/8/21)

This is only to be used when the University is the Business Associate.


Additional Resources

Third-Party Security & Privacy Questionnaire

Please complete this when requesting a consultation or escalating an agreement to the Compliance Office.


Term Assignments

Use this document when looking for guidance on when to request a consultation and when to escalate agreements