UA Box Health

UA Box Health is a secure, cloud storage location that offers a great opportunity to share and store sensitive information, including Protected Health Information (PHI) in a secure manner among researchers, providers and other team/project collaborators. 

Access Requirements:

Training Requirements:

 To be granted access to UA Box Health you, and those with whom you share data, will need to complete the mandatory trainings in Edge Learning (you must login via the NetID portal):

The HIPAA Privacy Program works diligently behind the scenes to to help monitor training status of individuals once they have been granted access to UA Box Health. This benefits researchers by removing the overhead of continuous training verification. 

The HIPAA Privacy Program, with the help of Box Health Administrators and IRB staff, will help to monitor authorized usage to ensure regulatory requirements.  When needed, the folder owners may be contacted on a case by case basis regarding the following:

  • Training Deficiencies
  • Facilitation of Access for External Collaborators

Additional Resources: