Box Health External Collaborator Request

Use this form to request Box Health access for external collaborators.  Once submitted, and if related to a human subject’s protocol, the requested access will be compared to the IRB Protocol to ensure your request is within approved parameters. If this collaborator will have access to identifiable data or will be “key personnel” on the study, please amend your IRB protocol prior to submitting this request. This request should only be submitted if/when the collaboration has been approved by the IRB.

Once approved, the collaborator(s) will be granted guest access to Edge Training to complete the HIPAA Certification, Box Health training and any other training mandated by your project or the IRB.  Upon completion of the training, Box Health access will be provisioned.  

When adding a new collaborator to your Box Health folder(s), please ensure that the collaborator is granted only those rights necessary to perform their function within the approved IRB Protocol.  Contact the HIPAA Privacy Program at sends e-mail) with any questions.  Thank you.